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Mar 22, 2014

Language: C++ Frameworks: Box2D, SFML Source: GitHub


Multiplaya is a networked-multiplayer platform game that was developed during the first year of Chalmers as a part of a “Software Project course”.

In the course we got to form groups and select projects ourselves. Since the other members of my group were really in to games we decided to develop a game (I enjoy games, but don’t play very often).

More specifically we decided to develop a networked-multiplayer platform game, I guess the other way to go would be to create an AI instead. But since we thought that it is much more fun to play against friends we went with this option.

The main requirement (from the course) was that we used some kind of MVC design.

Language & Frameworks

We were somewhat cooler than the other project groups, since we we’re the only ones that used another language than Java, which is the de facto standard at Chalmers. I guess the motivation for this was that we (me and two of the other members in the group) developed another game a couple of years back in C++, which also used SFML.

We used SFML (Simple Fast Multimedia Library) mainly for graphics, input, and also the network part. In short you could say that it was really helpful. Box2D was used for simulating physics.


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