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Hi, I’m Niklas - a well-rounded, security minded, developer from Sweden who love learning new things.

I’m currently living in San Francisco, California, where I work with application-level security at Intrinsic.

Last year, 2016, I graduated from Chalmers University of Technology where I got my Master’s degree in Computer Science. My time at Chalmers taught me the fundamentals of software. Furthermore, the education improved my ability to reason about problems, write robust and performant software.

Throughout my time at Chalmers I also worked with consulting and product development at start-ups.


As a developer I’m constantly traversing the software stack and learning new things in all parts of the field - one day I might look at JavaScript and the next day assembly. I’m always striving to understand the fundamentals in systems. I think this helps me in tackling new problems and come up with new ideas.

I’m involved in the W3C standard COWL (Confinement with Origin Web Labels), a security mechanism that brings Information-Flow control to your browser.

What I’m up to

When I’m not around the computer (or biking to the office) I try to balance my time between a number of interests:

  • Exercise (strength training)
  • Reading
  • Traveling

Furthermore, I’m trying to pick up some German. I cook food and host brunches. Father of a sourdough culture.

Currently I’m trying to make the most of my time in the US by exploring San Francisco (and California in general). Also, I’m doing my best to promote Sweden by sharing jewels such as salty licorice, snaps, and, of course, our pagan rituals 🇸🇪.